Why Better Bottles?

Designing for minimal footprint and renewable resources.

We believe that where ever possible, oil and finite resources should be left in the ground. We should use renewable resources and keep materials in use as long as possible.

To assist this belief, we offer bottled water considered from end to end with the goal of nothing ever becoming "waste". Our Better Bottle and label are made from plants (bioplastics) and have the ability to be composted. We also offer collection for the bottles we sell, in an effort to take responsibility for our product post-sale by allowing our customers to return used bottles to our participating collection locations, we then ensure that every returned bottle ends up in the correct facility, not the environment.

Our cap is currently plastic, as this is the only option are available to us at this time. As soon as we can, we will make the switch to a renewable option.

Returning your bottle to us will ensure it does not end up in the landfill or our ocean. This power is in your hands.

100% pure New Zealand Spring Water. 

Our bottles are available filled with pure, flowing water spends at least 80 years underground picking up healthy minerals along the way. Arriving at Blue Springs, Putaruru before finding its way into your bottle. 

Better Materials.

Better bottles and labels are made from renewable resources instead of finite resources such as oil.
    • Bottle and label made from naturally occurring vegetable starch that is turned into polylactic acid
    • This has a 78% lesser carbon footprint in production compared to traditional plastic made for bottles
    • Reusable, not single-use
    • Lids are currently recyclable
    • Bottles and labels are made from certified materials 
    • Commercially compostable at the end of their useful life. See the results of our compost test run by a 3rd party sustainability consultancy here 

Better Reuse.

Better bottles are made to be reused and we encourage you to refill them as many times as you can. This is the best form of 'recycling' you can do.

You can find many free refill locations throughout New Zealand (check out Refill NZ) so you can avoid reaching for a new single-use drink bottle when you're out and about. 

Better Collection.

We aim to take responsibility for everything we produce to make sure our bottles make it to the appropriate facility and never end up in our ocean or environment. To achieve this, we work closely with our retailers to provide convenient drop off locations for your used bottles. It is called Better Collection and you can find drop-off points on our map here.  You can give bottles back to our stockists in three ways: 

1. Drop into a Better Collection Crate 
2. Drop into a Better Collection Box
3. Hand over the counter to a staff member at participating locations
4. If you get stuck, reach out to us and we will find a way to collect the bottle from you and get it to the right place


Collected bottles are then either recirculated into another format (such as 3d printer filament) or composted right away in one of our own composting facilities.