Why better bottles?

We offer waste free bottled water. Our bottles are made from plants, non toxic and compostable. We also collect the bottles we sell, taking responsibility for our waste and making sure it ends up in the correct facility, not the environment. The way we see it, if we are using plastic, it should be made from naturally renewable materials and hold the ability to disappear after its useful life. Our bottles are available filled with some of the purest water in the world. We also offer a white label service to companies wanting to promote their own brand in a product which is lighter on the planet and is part of the solution, not the problem. 


Better bottles are oil free and made from renewable resources. Our Regenerative material range can replace anything currently made of plastic. Renewable materials are made from naturally occurring starch and fructose are a waste-free alternative to traditional plastic products.
 Better bottles have a staggering 78% lesser carbon footprint compared to traditional plastic bottles in production. They produce less than half the GHG and when being produced and require 30% less energy. They're all round better, for us and the planet.



 Once you have purchased your better bottle, and finished the water inside, the fun has just begun. Making our bottles non-toxic not only ensures they are safe to drink from once, but allows them to be refilled and reused as many times as you like. This is the best form of 'recycling' you can do.

 We now have over 100 refill locations throughout New Zealand.



We want to make sure our bottles make it to the appropriate facility and do not end up in our ocean or environment.To achieve this, we work closely with each of our retailers to provide convenient drop off locations for your used bottles. 

It is called Better Collection. 

  These NZ business's are helping curve the tide of plastic waste making it easy and rewarding for you to ensure your used bottle never becomes waste. 

We can also design custom closed loop systems for businesses and events.


All the water, without the waste