Why Better Bottles?

We offer bottled water cared for from end to end with the idea of nothing ever becoming "waste". Our Better Bottle and label are made from plants and compostable. We also offer collection for the bottles we sell, taking responsibility for our product post-sale and making sure that every bottle returned, ends up in the correct facility, not the environment. We have been developing our plant-based cap as currently, only plastic options are available. The way we see it, if we are using plastic, it should be made from naturally renewable materials and hold the ability to disappear after its useful life or repurposed into another useful item. 
Returning your bottles to us will ensure it does not end up in the landfill or our ocean. This power is in your hands.

100% pure New Zealand Spring Water. 

Our bottles are available filled with some of the purest water in the world. Pure, flowing water spends at least 80 years underground picking up healthy minerals along the way. Arriving at Blue Springs, Putaruru before finding its way into your bottle. 

Better bottles and labels are made from renewable resources instead of finite resources such as oil. Our Regenerative material range is a step in the right direction and we continuously look for ways to improve along the way. The Renewable materials are made from naturally occurring starch and can live in a specifically built end to end system. This creates the potential for a waste-free alternative to traditional plastic products.

Better bottles have a staggering 78% lesser carbon footprint compared to traditional plastic bottles in production and produce less than half the GHG. Our lids are currently made from plastic like you find in most beverage bottles, however, we are constantly looking for new ways to repurpose these and when that isn't possible, we hold onto them until a better solution becomes available. You can also re-use our lids along with your bottle, reuse is the best form or recycling you can do. This is a vastly different approach to other companies selling bottled products in NZ as there are currently no facilities that will recycle caps and almost all of them end up in a landfill.  We have been working hard on a solution and we are very close to having a fully functioning compostable cap!


Once you have purchased your Better Bottle and finished the water inside, the fun is only just beginning. Our bottles are made to be reused and we encourage you to refill them as many times as you can. This is the best form of 'recycling' you can do.

There are now 200 refill locations throughout New Zealand that we have listed on our map. 


We want to make sure our bottles make it to the appropriate facility and do not end up in our ocean or environment. To achieve this, we work closely with our retailers to provide convenient drop off locations for your used bottles. 

It is called Better Collection.

Collected bottles are then either repurposed by us (before ultimately being composted) or composted right away in an appropriate composting facility. If the town or city we sell them in does not have the correct facility, we will transport them to the closest one that does. Our plastic caps are removed and we are currently looking at different way to purposefully recycle these into new products when possible. 

Our bottles and labels are certified compostable by both Australian and European standards and we recently had an independent compost test commissioned. The results can be viewed here

Each person who buys a Better Bottle or business that sells them can help curve the tide of plastic waste by returning it back to us, making it easy and rewarding for you to ensure your used bottle is kept in a circular principle system over a linear one. 

We can also design custom closed-loop systems for businesses and events.

Better Bottle Diagram

This is not plastic, as you know it. This is a bottle that is taken care for from end to end. Traditional single-use plastic bottles are used and thrown away, destined for landfill. We don't know where plastic, as we know it goes before it resides in our oceans of landfills. What separates us from other companies is that we are focused on eliminating waste rather than just selling products. We provide you with the option of returning the bottle to us. If your bottle is returned to us you can rest assured that it will be repurposed or composted, without exception. We aim to be better in everything that we do and this extends into developing new ways to make, use and return bottles, including exploring re-purposing avenues for our current plastic caps while we finalise our groundbreaking compostable version. 

All the water, without the waste