About us

Going Circular.

We see a future where anything produced can be reused or reutilised an infinite number of times, a future where business can operate in harmony with nature. We want to shift beyond take, make, waste and into a circular economy. Here, products and materials will go round and round and stay out of landfill and the environment.

This can only be achieved if we take full responsibility for what businesses produce throughout its entire lifecycle and ensure that industry, consumers and government all work together towards circularity.

The Better Bottle is our first step towards this future and our first commitment towards a circular economy. 


Better materials are just the beginning. 

We knew that to take a step closer to a circular economy we couldn't just stop at better materials, we needed a better system, one that would promote reuse over single use, and encourage product stewardship. Ultimately, we knew we needed to create a positive impact at every step of our product's lifecycle, not just the beginning. 

So we developed our Better Collection Network. 
Better Collection is a collaboration between us, our retailers and consumers to minimise waste and the overall carbon footprint of bottles. To do our best at creating the best lifecycle we can, we take responsibility for what we make. This means that our bottles can be returned to our participating return locations for 're-circulating'. 


Considered from end to end. 

To ensure that each bottle has the best chance of being composted we developed our own composting sites throughout New Zealand. We compost bottles alongside rescued food waste and in Wellington, we use compost to regenerate land and grow food in our urban farm. This process allows us to do what we can to rebuild our soil ecosystems, sequester carbon from the atmosphere and create a local food system. Our bottle made all of this possible, and we can't wait to see what comes next.