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We strongly believe as a business, we have responsibility to provide mindful and ethical choices for our students and wider community. For The Better Good Water, gives us that oppertunity to offer an option that is sustainable and freindlier on our environment. We are thrilled to be stocking this awesome product.

Kirsty Van De Geer @ East West Yoga, Auckland

"Lake Wanaka Sounz Inc was delighted to have the opportunity to work with For The Better Good for TUKI 2018.  From the outset we could see that the product had initiative, heart and was filling a solid gap where something needed to change. The launch of The Better Bottle at the Festival contributed hugely to achieving our waste management initiatives, especially at the end of the festival, with somuch less rubbish on the ground. People were intrigued and impressed and felt connected to the cause by purchasing these bottles and taking them home with them.” - Martine Harding, Assistant Director

Martine Harding @ Tuki Festival, Wanaka

At The Superyacht Gathering we are passionate about sustainability and doing our bit to make a difference. A love of the sea and beautiful places means we are committed to participating in the fight to save them, and helping to reverse the decline in the overall environmental health and social well being of our planet. We are delighted to be working with The Better Good - their ethos aligns perfectly with our own. Together we can make a difference.

The Superyacht Gathering

It has been said that sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. Its about doing more good. You can be part of this today by buying the revolutionary, plant-based re-useable and compostable water bottles made by For The Better Good

Jill Guy @ The Good Earth, Dunedin

These bottles are magic! This is exactly the direction we want to head in as a cafe

Barb @ Provisions Cafe, Arrowtown

 For a long time we didn’t have any bottled water available for customers because we were so against it, and being a road side cafe with a huge takeaway customer base we got some pretty weird looks, so it’s great to be able to have a bottled water option in the fridge that doesn’t make us feel guilty. The bold labels also make for some good conversations as customers always ask questions about the bottles, so we’re also getting the chance to educate them about plastic alternatives and hopefully influencing them to make better choices next time too

Josh van Loon @ Orchard House Cafe

This is more than just a product, its a movement

Jeff Kim @ And Sushi, Auckland

We are all apart of nature. That is fact...The mindset that we seperate from mother earth has led to mass disconnect in the way we interact with our environment. Making conscious decisions to look after ourselves is no different to how we look after our home - Planet Earth.

Gus Wood @ Element Health

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