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Do you sell bottled water and want to do it in a more sustainable way? Become one of our ‘Better Collection Partners’ and show your support against plastic waste. Stock our better bottle of water and provide your customer with the choice to return their used bottle. This way they have a choice to use a waste free product and they can rest assured that it is not going to landfill. To apply to be a Better Collection Partner and Stock Better Products, get in touch here!


    Everyone knows the feeling of navigating his or her way through a sea of plastic landmines after a great day out. We offer everything you need to keep your patrons hydrated on your big day, without the need for leftover waste. In true For The Better Good fashion, we can help you do what you do best, the waste free way. We have proven our model and look forward to getting involved with other NZ festivals looking to lead the way in musical, waste free fun. If you want to hear more about what we do and how we do it, get in touch here!


      Want to run an event that is as light on the planet as possible? whether it aligns with your brand or you just generally care, we can help this happen. We can assist in providing the bottled water as well as the collection facilities to take it away. This will ensure your attendees are hydrated with some of the best water in the world, in one of the friendliest bottles available. Our products are better for you and the planet, setting your event ahead of the rest. Get in touch here!


        Is your business making the shift into the sustainable age? Tell your boss, your colleagues, your clients, and your mother with a statement that is For The Better Good. Take on our leading edge bottle and we will help you set up your system. Rather than your bottles becoming waste, they will become a part of a thriving, regenerative circular economy you can be proud of. We will give you reports and extra information you can pass onto your clients to show the impact your business is having. We can also assist in introducing you to other better products other companies are offering in order for your office to go the full nine yards, if that’s what you’re into. Enquire further here!