Compost results

Our Better Bottles and labels are made from certified compostable materials. To be certified compostable, the product must break down in a commercial compost in under 180 days and not contain toxins that could be harmful.

Knowing this, we still wanted to test our products for ourselves. For The Better Good commissioned Go Well Consulting to test our Better Bottles using a composting system that is 1.2 cubic meters in size, heats up above 55 degrees and can be implemented anywhere. 

Two bottles were tested, one which was cut into 2cm pieces and another which was composted whole. The bottles were dug up and checked after 5 days, you can see in the image below that significant degradation had already occurred. 

The shredded bottle is on the left (in the cage) and what was found of the whole bottle is presented on the wood

The individual pieces were described as 'Fragile and Brittle' by the composter. You can see the difference between our bottles and how traditional plastic reacts from the plastic ring visible in the image.

22 days after the first check, the bottles were once again dug up. The bottle which was composted whole was no where to be found and below is what was left of the shredded bottle. Once again, you can see the traditional plastic ring unchanged.

The test concluded that the whole bottle was completely composted in under 27 days. How cool is that.

Remember to re-use your bottle and then return it to us so we can make sure it gets to a facility where this can happen.