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Proof and Stock is a local coffee roasters and ‘hole in the wall' cafe (or shed, rather), based on a residential street in New Plymouth, Taranaki serving up locally roasted specialty brews, delicious doughs and Better Bottles, of course. 

Jordan sat down with owners Tane and Adrianna to hear more about their story, gather their standpoint on circularity, dive into their summer plans and find out what makes Proof & Stock and their community special. 

On why they started Proof & Stock: 

Adrianna: “We both have a hospo background, loved making good coffee and knew we could do it well whilst considering a full circle approach. Ultimately we wanted something we could do from home to create work-life-balance for our family.

Tane: "Adrianna was actually pregnant with the twins when we started renovating the shed! We wanted a business built on cohesion within the community, that was based on Manaakitia - Offering hospitality and welcoming people to our home, and that’s exactly what we do every day.”

On the Proof & Stock community: 

Adrianna: "Every day we feel honoured that our customers and community put their trust in us to look after their livelihood. We have a great sense of responsibility as we know what it takes to build a business from the ground up, there’s loads of empathy and it builds strong connections between us and our community."

Another small business they think people should celebrate: 

Adrianna: "@thehori is about to open his studio gallery in Otaki. He’s an incredible artist, and he'll be serving up Proof and Stock on site."

On their favourite thing about living in Taranaki: 

Adrianna: “I know what you’re going to say”

Tane: “ The waves. The fact that you can be at the beach in two minutes, it’s an epic place to have a family. There are so many creatives here and the community is strong and loyal - no one is getting lost in the ‘scene’, there’s lots of true connection." 

On their ideal Summer: 

Tane: "This year we’re heading to the Hawkes Bay to relax with friends for a bit, and we always throw in a camping trip with the twins. Raglan is usually our go-to, because, waves. We often stop around the coast in Taranaki at Urenui for a camp on the way home. The Mount often makes an appearance too - so basically just anywhere with good waves!"

If Proof & Stock had a rule to live by: 

Adrianna: "Oh that’s a hard one! I think it’s just about setting up the day for good times, for us that means coffee flowing, music on, the things that make people smile." 

Tane: “Sweet vibes only.”

On what’s happening at Proof & Stock: 

Adrianna: "We have an artist series coming up where we engaged 6 artists to create designs for our refillable flasks. An idea born from the love of two crafts - coffee and art. We gave a selection of talented artists our new single origin Geisha blend and a simple brief: drink the coffee and let the flavour and aroma inspire an artwork of your choosing”

"Each artwork will be made into a limited run of coffee flasks that’ll be filled with the single origin coffee that inspired the artwork itself."

Check out their first flask designed by local artist Amanda Keat here. 

On composting their own organic waste and compostable packaging: 

Tane: "We still have the compost cranking next door to the shed, we needed a solution for our takeaway coffee cups and began composting last year - we always wanted to create a full circle offering. Our compost is donated to the Marfell Community gardens where it’s used to grow produce for their free community kai.

On working with For The Better Good: 

Tane: "We were truly inspired by the idea of creating a company based on little or zero impact to our earth, For The Better Good's model was a true fit, really resonates with our original ideology of cohesion within a community and its environment, with the obligation to achieve at a social and environmental level.


Proof & Stock coffee is available nation-wide, if you want to try out our blends you can order online at www.proofandstock.com 

We're honoured to have Proof & Stock as one of our valued Better Bottle stockists, their dedication to creating a circular economy and positive impact on their community is second to none. We can't wait to stop by for another brew and chat (about the waves) soon, if you're reading this, we'd encourage you to do the same. 

Give them some love @proofandstockcoffee 
If you're passing by, swing in for a brew at 40 Cutfield Road, New Plymouth 
Or try Proof and Stock at home, order online at proofandstock.com 

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