Better Bottles (24 units)
Better Bottles (24 units)

Better Bottles (24 units)

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24 Better Bottles
600ML Reusable Bottles Made From Plants 
100% Pure New Zealand Spring Water 

We need water for our wellbeing. Sometimes, we buy this in a bottle. Our mission is to provide you with a choice in these moments. A choice that rivals indestructible alternatives and instead breaks down in harmony with nature. A choice that helps our oceans, is lighter on our planet and is simply better. A bottle made from renewable resources that can be reused, harnessing the natural elements provided to us, and finally be returned to us so it can be composted and return to nature. 

We collect used bottles once you’re done with them, simply put them back into the box they are delivered in and book a collection with us online, that way they are kept within our circular economy and will be composted by us.